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Azriel by AnnaShoemaker Azriel :iconannashoemaker:AnnaShoemaker 102 12 2Meta-chan by nechin 2Meta-chan :iconnechin:nechin 252 12
Mature content
Danti/Septiplier - I have a sister Chp12 :iconnaninuggets:NaniNuggets 3 4
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 16
Jack kept pressing buttons and moving around on the couch with his controller as he is completely focused on the game. Mark mentally groaned in despair as he asked Dark to take over his hands so Jack won’t notice Mark’s lack of focus in gaming.
“What the fuckity fuck, Dark?!” Mark shouted in his head.
“Yeah?” Dark replied, nonchalantly.
“What the hell did you mean by randomly blurting out baseball?! It’s not helping with ANYTHING!”
“Calm your balls, will you?”
“Sure. Yeah. Calm down while Jack here suddenly let out an insanely creepy laugh when whooping my ass in this battle. Which I’m only letting him win by the way. And then my own demon half blurt out the most random thing ever in my head!” Mark rambled in his mind.
“Shut it.” Dark said. “I said baseball because I had an idea and obviously, I should have reported to both Pain and dad multiple times for the past few hours. Those feel
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 33 54
Danti/Septiplier - I have a sister Chp11
The entire kitchen had become a war zone. Dark was in the left quadrant, surrounded by large bags of flour. He glanced over the small fort of flour to see his supposed sister glaring daggers at him, covered in ketchup and mustard. He smirked at Anguish as she moved forward, mustard shot at her again as he ducked behind the counter. "Shit!" He grunted as a cake flew through the air. "DON'T THROW THE CAKE JACK WILL-" He barked only to get hit with icing.
"YOU SHIT HEAD!" Anguish growled and chucked more icing and cakes at the older demon. "You ruined my shirt! Nani paid good fucking money for this and you ruined it!" She yelled and jumped over the counter onto him, smashing a cupcake into his face she smirked in triumph. "There." She breathed heavily, panting as she felt him grumble under her.
"Anguish, you have five seconds to get off me and to your room before I beat you black and purple." She yelped as his hands reached for her, bolting towards her room she got halfway up the sta
:iconnaninuggets:NaniNuggets 1 2
Danti/Septiplier - I have a sister Chp10
Dark looked into Mistakes eyes as she tried truning away, she didn't want to look at him. Not when she knew what he meant by 'lessons' she was not going to wait to find out. Standing quickly she bolted for the door and almost grasped the handle, almost. A pair of strong arms wrapped round her waist and chucked her on the ground, she yelped instantly and struggled to get up as weight was added onto her. "Get off me you fat bastard!" Mist barked at Dark who just leaned on her with a smirk.
"Hmm? sorry what was that?" He questioned with a smirk as he watched her flinch under him. "You know, dad's been saying about re-naming you, I think tiny toy would be good." He teased and watched her blush deeply.
"Get.Off.Me" She hissed angrily, only to feel more weight pushed down on her. She kept her eyes closed tightly as she felt his face move closer to hers. He smirked at her shaking figure and rolled his eyes before poking her cheek.
"Freak out much?" He questioned and pulled her cheek a
:iconnaninuggets:NaniNuggets 2 0
One Call (Chapter Two)
It took my eyes a few moments to adjust to the new darkness, fear quickly stripping away my mental haze. The entire block was ripped of all light sources, disregarding the moon, which seemed to burn from the vast darkness at double the intensity. I glanced around fearfully, and felt another lump rise in my throat, making it difficult to steady my breaths. My whole body trembled as a wave of undiluted panic pressed down on my head, leaving me with a feeling of dizziness and confusion.
Something wasn't right.
The rhythmic beats of my feet hitting the sidewalk momentarily stepped out of sync, as I instinctively picked up the pace. It became all too easy to block Mark from my thoughts, and replace him with a new fear. For once, I felt emptier without him occupying my mind. My last sense of security, now whisked away with the last few waves of wind, now leaving me in complete silence.
And that scared the hell out of me.
With the wind gone, my footsteps seemed to grow louder. I almost
:iconxabsinthexx:xAbsinthexx 5 12
One Call (Chapter Three)
“I’ll miss ya,” I told Mark, blinking back tears I knew I couldn't let him see.
“I’ll miss you too, Jackaboy. You'll visit soon, won't you?” He replied, a hopeful glint in his beautiful dark brown eyes.
I smiled, “Of course.” Hesitantly, I reached out my arms for a hug. He happily complied, pulling me into a tight squeeze.
The world stopped when I fell into his arms. His strong grip made me feel safe, his hair tickled my cheeks, and the faint smell of a cologne lingered in my nostrils, most likely from the PAX after party a few nights before.
I never wanted to let go.
We both retracted our embrace a few seconds longer than friendly and looked at each other for a minute more. Finally, he turned, walking in the opposite direction, looking back only once.
“Skype me when you land!” He called out, before disappearing into the crowd.
My happiness dissipated when he left, leaving me tired and drained. I stared at any opening in th
:iconxabsinthexx:xAbsinthexx 6 10
Septiplier FanFiction: Crashed Date
That day, which surprised everyone, when a popular YouTuber by the name of Markiplier, or Mark Fischbach, made a vlog called: 'Being Honest With You.  The title definitely sounded normal enough, for a Markiplier vlog at least. Since his vlogs would usually get a little serious at times.
Although, this video surprised everyone, not because of the title, but because the video was actually a 'coming out' vlog. Mark basically explained that he is bisexual and how he feels like he shouldn't keep it a secret anymore, especially since he was soon to reach 10 million subscribers.
Millions of fans were all excited and happy for the YouTuber, but there was one person who was surprised, relieved, and the most ecstatic.
Jacksepticeye. Otherwise known as Sean, or simply Jack.

The Irish YouTuber awoke to a lovingly familiar laughter. He yawned and rubbed his tired eyes, sitting up in Mark's bed. Jack had been living with his boyfriend, Markiplier, for the
:iconravenslpash26:Ravenslpash26 241 74
Chobits by amadiz Chobits :iconamadiz:amadiz 113 8 SEXY BOY JACK! by ELENmrakipiler SEXY BOY JACK! :iconelenmrakipiler:ELENmrakipiler 106 13 The Demons Within - Chapter 1 by silvererros The Demons Within - Chapter 1 :iconsilvererros:silvererros 54 17 Quick Septiplier comic: Shirt by ChloesImagination Quick Septiplier comic: Shirt :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 373 30 Bad... by TheTinyTigeress
Mature content
Bad... :iconthetinytigeress:TheTinyTigeress 91 28
Quick Youtubers comic: Mask by ChloesImagination Quick Youtubers comic: Mask :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 354 22 Septiplier by silvererros
Mature content
Septiplier :iconsilvererros:silvererros 28 10


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Me and my cousin just quickly drew this so it's not as hard as it could be


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I love YouTube and I all ways watch Markiplier, jacksepticeye,
and PewDiePie


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